Are you looking for a place to belong? You’ll receive a warm welcome at Richmond United Methodist Church.

We are a church dedicated to Jesus Christ. We are committed to outreach and to minister in His name.

There is an array of family-oriented ministries providing opportunities for children, youth, and adults to grow in faith, to enjoy Christian friendship, and to serve Christ.

There is a place for you at Richmond United Methodist Church.

A Note From Pastor Tom

Cool Autumn Days

                As the days begin to cool, Autumn is in the air.  In the coming weeks, the leaves will turn an array of vibrant colors, showing off the beauty of the season.  Fall brings with it a flurry of activity, from football games to church charge conference.  With so much happening, I thought I’d use this space to reflect with you on some of what is coming up in the next few months.

                Back to school also means back to church for many people.  This means that several programs that have been off for the Summer are starting back.  Our Children’s Church has restarted and will be during the 10:30 service.  Bible Study has restarted (Thursdays at 1:00) as we are studying the Gospel of Mark.  The United Women of Faith (formerly the United Methodist Women) have monthly meetings.  Our Scouts will be back to their weekly meetings.  And these are just the things I know about—I’m sure there are others that will surprise me. 

                October brings with it the annual Trunk-or-Treat.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the church to welcome the community.  Come decorate your car and help us bless the children and parents who will come through our space. 

                Autumn also means church Charge Conference with all of the paperwork and reports.  While this sounds like a pain (and at times it can be), it is an occasion for the church to assess how we are doing and where we are going.  As part of the work, the Nominations/Lay Leadership committee met and recruited individuals for our various committees. 

One of the goals for next year is to revitalize our committee structure and the work that the committees do.  I have heard frustration from several who serve on committees that have never met.  I hope that we’ll see that change in the future.  For those who may not know, there is a history behind the difficulties with our committees.  Several years ago, the church began to transition to a One Board model of leadership.  Before the One Board became fully functional, there was a pastoral change.  Without committees functioning, there were many ministries that didn’t have support or planning.  So a committee structure was put back in place.  Some committees picked up right where they left off, but others have struggled or haven’t met at all. 

So in January, we will be having our first annual planning retreat.  We’ll have a whole church pot-luck lunch, followed by every committee meeting.  If you aren’t part of a committee, you’ll be asked to pick one to join for the day.  After some brief instructions, the committees will break off and meet for 45 minutes.  The committees will be asked to cover three tasks:  Explain what your committee does, set one or two specific goals for your committee for the year, and set a next meeting date and time.  We’ll come back together to receive a report from each committee. 

Something else that we’ve been hard at work on is improving our online presence.  The church has purchased an iPhone for the specific purpose of recording services.  The whole service gets edited and is being shared on Monday morning on YouTube, Facebook, and the church website.  The service continues to be a work-in-progress as we try to make it better.  Another change we’ve made is adding editors to the Church’s Facebook page.  This will allow for select folks to share pictures of the ministries and outreach of the church, in addition to the community announcements and weekly Sunday service video we are already posting. 

I’m also excited to share with you our upcoming sermon series.  In September we began our series on the Lord’s Prayer, which will wrap up on the second Sunday of October.  Then we’ll spend four weeks looking at Lessons from the life of David.  Bill Hibbs will be preaching on October 30th, as Michelle and I will be traveling to Texas for Josh’s graduation from his Combat Medic training.  As we wrap up the David series in November, it will be time for Thanksgiving and Advent.  Where has the year gone? 

So as you enjoy the changing of the leaves, take a minute to say an extra prayer for your pastor and church leaders in the midst of this season of change.  There are exciting things coming.  God is good.

Blessing, Pastor Tom