Are you looking for a place to belong? You’ll receive a warm welcome at Richmond United Methodist Church.

We are a church dedicated to Jesus Christ. We are committed to outreach and to minister in His name.

There is an array of family-oriented ministries providing opportunities for children, youth, and adults to grow in faith, to enjoy Christian friendship, and to serve Christ.

There is a place for you at Richmond United Methodist Church.

A Note From Rev. Byron

I had the unique privilege of being a part of the Wheaton College Men’s Glee Club when I attended that institution many (very many) years ago.  I was further blessed to serve as the group’s social chairman for a year.  Most of the time this meant setting up social get-togethers and helping foster fellowship within the group.  But once a year, it also meant being in charge of the “old man” letter that we sent to every alumnus.

Now, writing the letter was not hard.  And the college bookstore had a photocopier.  Even updating and printing out the address labels was not too bad, but stuffing the envelopes and preparing them for mailing… Well, that was a chore.  So as was tradition, the social chairman would be given three minutes to make his plea to the group for their help after rehearsal.  Some of the former chairmen gave impassioned (albeit brief) speeches about duty, service, and faithfulness.  Others would mention, “many hands make for light work,” and simply ask the group for their help.  (In truth, we knew that this was a large task that needed all of us to pitch in, and that we were expected to do so “without grumbling.”  We just liked being asked.)

Luckily for me, the gentleman who was the social secretary before me couldn’t help but go a little bit… overboard with his speech.  He began by explaining how long it would take to stuff one envelope, then multiplied that by the number being sent out.  “If I had to do this alone,” he told us, “it would take me three weeks.”  We were musicians and knew how to count; there was no way stuffing a few hundred envelopes would take so long.  But he then explained how he would have to take breaks to get a drink of water since licking so many stamps and envelopes would parch his mouth.  Then he would need to periodically get bandages for the multiple paper cuts he would get from careless mistakes, and subsequently, he would have to invest more time reprinting letters and re-addressing envelopes that were blood-stained.  Loss of blood would require him to eat more (and take more breaks), and his girlfriend would certainly get jealous while he was spending so much time stuffing stupid envelopes, so he would also have to stop what he was doing to take her on a couple of dates.  (All of us knew his girlfriend.  None of us doubted this statement.)  The consequences of this task got sillier by the moment until eventually, his loss of time would become a sore spot in his future marriage that would require years of counseling, and he was even concerned that it could turn into a generational curse afflicting his future, as-yet-unborn children.  “So on behalf of these poor, cursed children, would you please stay for thirty short minutes and save my life?”

Not only did we stay, but we had a great time stuffing those envelopes as we laughed at his “mild exaggerations.”  We would continue throughout the year to talk about his speech, especially any time we needed to work together.  A truly wonderful spirit of brotherhood developed because we gladly sought to “save each other’s life” by holding a door, picking up trash, or handing out music. 

I firmly believe that the Church is at its best when we gladly serve one another with a spirit of joy.  That’s what the Glee Club had that year, and I am truly blessed that such a spirit dwells in our midst, too.  I would be unable to list each time members of the church have stepped forward to help in a myriad of forms, and I’m sure I would forget many of them if I tried.  Beyond completing a task, I am amazed at the joy we find as we work together.  This is due to the hearts of you, my dear siblings in Christ, but I truly believe that the leaders of our ministries must be commended.  Like my friend, they engage us and make the task fun.  They lead by example and with their hearts set on Christ.  I am unable to thank you all enough for all you do.     

And so, to everyone who serves on a committee, works with kids, leads groups, serves in administration, leads in worship, helps with the upkeep of the building, provides a clean and safe environment, and to all of you who participate in our fellowship with your hearts full of joy, I sincerely, earnestly thank you.  You are living your Christian walk and your efforts are appreciated more than I can say.

In this season of thankfulness, please know that I thank the Lord daily for our people and our ministries.  Thank you all for your great kindness to me and my family, and thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ to the world!

All for His glory, Byron