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A Note From Pastor Georgette

Are you spontaneous or a planner? Do you see the glass half full or half empty?  Do you lead with your head or your heart? Regardless of how God created us, it’s the outcome of our individual and collective lives that make a difference in the world we live. In other words, whatever we choose to do, however we decide to live our lives, it’s essential to begin with the end in mind. Begin with the end in mind in the career we choose, the people we spend time with. Begin with the end in mind with the words we speak, the attitudes we hold toward one another and in the world we live.

What if we began our lives in faith with the end in mind? The longer I journey with Jesus, the idea of beginning with the end in mind has crystallized in my heart and mind. This seems rather silly, considering I’ve followed Jesus for most of my life. Yet, sometimes I wonder how my life, the world would have been impacted differently, had I considered the outcome of my thoughts, actions and attitudes in the framework of Christ’s restoring work in the world.

When God spun the world into being…it was with the end in mind, a beautiful Creation. When God commanded Noah to build the ark and fill it with God’s creatures…it was with the end in mind, to restore Creation. When God parted the Red Sea to free the Israelite’s from slavery and exile…it was with the end in mind. When God sent Jesus Christ to be born of a virgin, to live and die for the sin of all humanity for all time…it was with the end in mind.

Here’s the piece we overlook in God’s story of redeeming, restoring love: God used willing human hearts, minds and lives to bring his plan to fruition. God used–uses the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary. Which brings us back to the beginning…Each and every one of us is a gift from God, for God. A unique, one of a kind expression of God’s restoring love in a broken world. We might think our gift is of little consequence. We might decide our actions and attitudes don’t matter in a complex world.

Yet, if we decided to begin with the end in mind, how would our lives, Christ’s Church in the world today, be more loving, more effective…more whole? Would the mission to “make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” be lived out differently if we began each day, each thought, each word and action with God’s end in mind?  What does it mean to follow Jesus? Why does it matter? Something to think about…

Agape, PG