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Are you looking for a place to belong? You’ll receive a warm welcome at Richmond United Methodist Church.

We are a church dedicated to Jesus Christ. We are committed to outreach and to minister in His name.

There is an array of family oriented ministries providing opportunities for children, youth, and adults to grow in faith, to enjoy Christian friendship, and to serve Christ.

There is a place for you at Richmond United Methodist Church.

A Note From Rev. Byron

One of the more frequent questions I am asked is why Methodist ministers move around so much.  Now, there are great theological reasons for this: we want the ministry to be about the church, we  believe it’s good to develop a well-rounded theology from a variety of voices, etc.  But in this most recent transition, I have discovered a few other reasons I hadn’t expected.

First off, moving pastors around makes us continually work on our memorization skills.  Not only do we need to remember our congregations, but we also meet new colleagues and other resources in our                communities.

Ministers also get the opportunity to work with additional District                   Superintendents.  I have been truly fascinated by my interactions with my former DS as she moved back to local church ministry, her replacement as we discussed the nature of the church I was leaving, and now the new DS in the Ohio Valley District.  Three very different people with unique giftings, and I have been blessed by all three.

But perhaps the most fascinating transition-related change is the humility I have found in this time.  Over the course of a month, our family has thrown out roughly 250 bags of material – either clothes to be given away or outright garbage.  I was simply stunned at the amount of literal junk we had collected and stashed away in a matter of only about six years.  Even more humbling is the realization that we really can’t tell that we’ve removed these bags.  I am left considering the sin of materialism regularly.

However, this last change of humility is not reserved for our household.  I have been humbled and blessed by the warm and generous reception of this congregation.  Our family has been blown away by the willingness of the congregation to come    alongside us, and to make us feel like family.  I see the heart of this congregation for ministry as we consider how to reach out to our community most effectively, and I    witness great devotion as Vacation Bible School ministers to a wide variety of kids and needs.  In so many ways, I am humbled to have the opportunity to minister in your midst.  I am truly blessed, and I am also truly excited for the days and weeks ahead!

In Christ, Byron