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Gaston Fam._-107-Edit  A Note From Pastor Georgette 

Has the world ever changed so much in 24 hours that you were permanently changed along with it? Radical, life altering changes occur throughout our lives. Birth, death, marriage, serious illness make it impossible to live as we did just 24 hours earlier ever again. The day my dad died was such a day. As family streamed in and out, it was as if I was living someone else’s life.  I was 17, a senior already accepted to Bauder Fashion College and on my way to owning my own Bridal Shop. Every hope & dream I had, suddenly came to a screeching halt. My life was permanently, irrevocably changed. At the time it felt like the worst thing that could ever happen.

I look back on that day nearly forty years later with gratitude. The worst, most painful day of my life, became the permanent, irrevocable change that allowed me to pursue my heart’s true desire…a living, loving, ever growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As theologian Frederick Buechner said, “The worst thing is never the last thing.”

The last 24 hours of Christ’s life permanently, irrevocably changed the world we live. What seemed to be the worst thing for Jesus, his mother, his brother, his closest followers…what seemed to be the worst thing for God, wasn’t the last thing. It was the new beginning that makes it possible for humanity to pursue our heart’s true desire. A living, loving, ever growing relationship with God through the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ.

Has your world ever changed so much in 24 hours that you’re no longer the same? If so, join us in worship and small groups during the season of Lent to consider how the worst thing in biblical history, the crucifixion of the Promised Messiah, became “the hinge of history” that would change the world for God’s good. A six week series by Adam Hamilton, “24 Hours that Changed the World” begins March 5th. The worst thing is never the last thing! Thanks be to God!

Agape, PG